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An old man Winter keeps the ground white, air crisp and cheeks rosy. There is much to be enjoyed outside and thanks to Stokke’s newest release, the great outdoors and winter chill are no more off limits for families with newborns or babies.

You probably most likely have seen Stokke’s well-known impeccable Winter Kit, cleverly designed by Norwegian designers to withstand the coldest of the winters, and tested ( happily so , may we add) , by the most important customers there are : babies. Stokke pioneered the market with their now world-famous “stroller mittens” that kept many hands warmed even during the frostiest of days. And combined with a sheepskin lining ( which can be used in any season and is very beneficial to the baby, did you know?) , Stokke accessory gear has not been and cannot be beat. That is a fact.


Recently, Stokke designers made another huge leap forward and released an all-terrain Stroller model  Trailz to make any outdoor outing be just as smooth as the ride on the perfectly asphalted road.  


According to Stokke, this stroller was “built for adventure”. They also stated that “Built for adventure, Stokke® Trailz™ takes you wherever you want to go – in all seasons and in all terrains…Superior maneuverability and effortless steering secure a smooth ride for your little one. Large air filled tires and a spacious waterproof shopping basket make Stokke® Trailz™ the perfect choice for active families who love the outdoors - no matter the weather”. But many claimed that before ( and trust me, we have tested practically everything out there) , so we don’t take anyone’s word for it. But what we DID do was spend the last 2 1/2 months testing the stroller everywhere we could possibly think of, and our consensus is such: ALL IS TRUE.

But that is not the only thing we found.



The strong and robust construction combined with with large air filled rubber tires and advanced wheel suspension makes the stroller not just ride smooth, but quite literally glide like on water. The stroller will go anywhere you can think of - sand, snow, off road terrain with not only no path in sight, but filled with roots and branches, and it will ride so well, you would never know you are not on the city’s best block. The maneuverability is such that a turn can be made - what feels like - at your thought, and for sure with the lightest touch of your finger, despite of heavily loaded basket.

 And now a basket . When Stokke stated that it was large, we believe they made a mistake. It is not large, but rather XXL, to the point where you could very easily fit under an amount of bags to equal a size of an 8 years old . It is water proof for convenience and has cleverly designed 3 small holes to drain any water (or crumbs) that may accumulate in the basket.

The three parent facing and 2 forward facing positions placed on Stokke’s signature high level take care of all the baby’s and parents needs on the go, be it a nap , parent-baby chit-chat ( aren’t babies the best mood boosters?!) or the first dibs of discovering the world from the close proximity of the parent ( which is so important!) , making it safe and easy for both, little passengers and their parents. Due to its height and seat design, Trailz serves as a great changing table alternative , should you be on the go with no necessary facility around you ( assuming the outside air is warm, of course), an added bonus that is true for ALL full size Stokke strollers, because the seat is the same to fit all three models : Xplory, Crusi and now Trailz.

This concept keeps things not only budget friendly, but also very space saving, convent and simply modern chic. Everyone knows that there is no ONE stroller that will take care of all needs, but Stokke has solved THE every parent’s issue of making the right choice with creating the system that allows you to start with a model that will take care of your most basic needs and then expand later as you see fit and not have to invent in an entirely other piece of baby gear. Just get the frame and swap the seat, it is that easy. All Stokke strollers are designed with a modern parent in mind, and compact fold is one of the requirements to fit the category , which Stokke performs flawlessly.


Apart from testing Trailz in off road terrain, snow, sand and bumpy grovel, we put it to test for suitability to the city life - after all, some may prefer just one stroller or you may wish to travel somewhere. We’ve taken Trailz to small bookshops, crowded cafes and shops with narrow isles. Although definitely wider the Stokke’s iconic Xplory, Trailz performed beautifully, earning quite a few compliments from the workers and passers-by. Stokke’s eye for modern design shines through newest addition as well - there is no doubt whatsoever that Trailz is the most elegant all terrain stroller on the market.


Here is a quick anatomical break down of the Trailz with additional features that make it unique and absolutely worth the investment:


    •    Strong and robust construction.
    •    Large air filled rubber tires and advanced wheel suspension secures a smooth ride for your little one.
    •    Can be used with carry cot, stroller seat and car seats.
    •    3 parent facing positions: sleep, rest and active, and 2 forward facing positions: rest and active.
    •    Lockable swivel front wheels and the adjustable, ergonomic handle ensures superior maneuverability.
    •    Large, waterproof shopping basket prevents content from getting wet and dirty.
    •    Easy and compact folding.


    •    High carry cot and stroller seat position brings the baby closer to mum and dad.
    •    Spacious carry cot with soft interior lining provides a comfortable environment for the baby.
    •    Soft, padded seat with an extra cushion that reduces the seat depth to fit the smallest babies.
    •    Adjustable ergonomic foot rest on the seat eliminates dangling feet.
    •    Ventilation in hood improves the air quality and reduces the risk of moisture inside the carry cot and stroller seat.
    •    Ergonomic height and angle adjustable handle provides a wide range of positions.


    •    Stokke offers two car seats that can be used with Stokke strollers without the use of     adaptors:
    •    The Stokke® iZi Go™ X1 by BeSafe® and the Stokke® iZi Sleep™ X3 by BeSafe™.
    •    Stokke® offers Car Seat Adaptors making it possible to use selected models of car seats made by other manufacturers.


Although Stokke Trailz does not accept neither a second seat nor a riding board, we promise that you will be a happy owner and will never miss either one. After all, those that CAN walk , WILL want to walk to explore the nature, and you will want the basket for all the treasures the "walkables" will bring to you.

This year Stokke Trailz may just be that one thing you put on your wishlist to Santa.