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Stokke swept half the world off their feet with the newest announcement :

Stokke Stroller Seat Style Kit.


Just when we thought that gorgeous Stokke's collection could not get any better, Stokke knocks the ground from under everyone's feet by making an announcement today about their newest textile kit. "Surely, new textiles are fun, but it is not that much of a deal" - one may think, but trust us, it IS, and here is why.

The newest Stokke Textiles are not just any regular fabrics you can put on your stroller to change things up a bit according to season, style or simply your mood. Stokke Stroller Seat Style Kit in Grey Cube and Beige Cube are nothing short of your stroller's personal wordrobe that can update the look of three Stokke strollers ( an iconic Xplory, multi-tasking Crusi and newest Trailz) in just seconds by swapping hoods, visors , seat rails or rear textile cover to adapt your stroller to your personal taste.


The Cube Kit offers adaptability and uniqueness, as it can be used in three different ways. THe design of the pattern was inspired by striking 17th century cube tiling and creates a bold , three dimensional illusion. Available in must-have neutrals Beige and Grey to complement our existing stroller color range, we firmly believe Stroller Seat Style Kit will take residence in many homes.

Between the colors and textures of the current Style Kits, Stokke offers the possibilities of stokkexpression ( because it MUST become a term now) that are nearly endless.



We congratulate Stokke on such amazingly successful year - though may have seen impossible to do ( as Stokke was already a thousand miles ahead of everyone else) , but they have now raised the bar for modern parent style 10 times higher and created an entirely new angle of the well known term "signature style".