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TWO on the TOWN

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A day out with a baby can be tough. A day out with TWO babies can be either disaster or ... double fun, if you accessorize right. Here is what we love and use at Urban Crusing to make our daily city outings fun for all and a breeze for a mom.

Before we go into the details, one thing must be covered.

 Have a GREAT base

Nothing will get any mom stressed out more then her tired baby, and especially if it’s a mom of two. It can only be “seconded” by the toddlers’  amazing ability to disappear at lightening’s speed, picking that ONE very moment to do so when you are bending over the baby to adjust a blanket.

Stokke Crusi takes care of both issues and is an absolute MUST for any city mom of two little ones.

Crusi is a unique adaptable transportation solution for your little ones and with the newest Urban Blue color edition is guaranteed to make you feel chic even if you are sporting the latest fashion of blue ragged jeans with crayon scribbles on it and a white tee with perfectly placed milk leaks ( or better yet - spit up) . Go ahead, grab a coffee and unwind while your two most important people snooze ( because they will, trust us), and be at peace knowing that the state of the art bassinet keeps the baby comfortable and protected on the upper level and the Scoot full size seat makes the ride fun and napping-on-the-go enjoyable for the bottom level dweller.

Not sure if you can fit in your favorite cafe? Keep your head proudly up ( because with two on the town you should be very proud of yourself) and walk confidently right in: we’ve tested Crusi in the oldest of San Francisco shops with narrowest of the doorways, and Crusi, thanks to it unique positioning of the seats and small footprint, fits even in the tiniest of the places, including crowded buses ( where we only heard the exclamations of surprise and praise for such smartly designed baby carriage that does the job while keeping the passers by happy too).

Ready to turn at your will with a touch of a fingertip, Crusi is any city mom’s best friend, especially when you need to maneuver along the human obstacle course during the rush hour. And worry not - your “bottom seat dweller” is safely up and away from the road dirt and dust and is enjoying the city views from its nicely positioned pedestal while you browse your favorite boutique displays.

And if caught off guard by the rain ( and without the rain cover ) you will thanks all the Stroller Gods and count every lucky star for having Crusi with you: flip up the hoods and run. You may get wet, but the two under two will stay dry ( thanks again to the uniquely positioning of the seats) until you reach the nearest cover. We may have tested out that one as well, although by accident.

Let us sum it up for you: Crusi will be your favorite member of your city family. It became one in ours from the first minute out, and the “round two” of crusi-ers support our opinion too.

1. feeding necessities.

No matter how amazing your ride is, you are not going to get too far if your riders are hungry. Though we are pro-nature and breast feeding very much, there are times and circumstances when a bottle is simply necessary. Having tested out personally quite a few with a VERY stubborn baby that absolutely refuses ANY type of an artificial nipple, this Como Tomo naturally shaped and soft bottle was a 3/4 success for us ( he will take it if convinced. thoroughly ) , which says a lot: we’ve tried a little over 20 variations ( who knew there are so many options out there?!) .I think it is the squeezable, soft skin-like texture that fools him into it, but whatever the reason is, I am thrilled to have something to offer besides my own self.

And don’t forget about the “bottom level”  - Thinkbaby Sippy is our choice pick : free of harmful elements and designed with an interchangeable system for different stages, it proven to last and has pleasant esthetic too.

2 & 3 entertainers .

Nothing earns you enemies faster then a screeching baby on a train of a bus. We, as parents, are willing to go ANY length to make that 12 lbs of happiness actually HAPPY for the cursed 15 minutes of rush hour traffic on public transportation. I guarantee if asked an audience of 100 parents how many of them have used their keys and phones to make their child happy, 99 hands would shot up into the air, because it’s a mesmerizing fact that no matter the decade, all children of all ages want two things : the parent’s keys and their phone ( note : corded or cordless, they STILL want it)

Here is where the Keynimals and Teething Phone are godsend, no kidding. Both can be personalized with you choice of writing and/or design ( or simply order what’s in stock , we did just that) , they are guaranteed to do the trick, at least for the time you need to get to/from without being fried by glaring eyes. A tip from Urban Crusing - get two sets of each ( one for mom and one for dad) and carry them in YOUR bags. the effect will be magnified 10-fold.

During the simple entertaining time, through in some Haba toys and a funky teether , (we found ours at the Sprout baby store, and highly recommend it to anyone: it is such a relief to know that anything that falls into hands ( or mouth) of my most important people is 100% safe and eco friendly, an absolute and uncompromisable "must" in the modern day environment ). By the time the little figures out what you’ve given to him or her, you will be done with your shopping, coffee or a girl chat. Through the fun toys into a cute backpack (5) and assign your older one to be responsible and watch how the little face will GLOW with sense of achievement and pleasure.

4. sanitizers

Often overlooked, these are some of the most important things to have on you at all times . We prefer the natural kind, but any really are better then nothing when you have little children and live in the city. The germ-control is one and only - it is you. So , wipe the little hands , faces and everything the children handle as often as you can when you are out and about. Immune systems need a boost in a form of a protection too sometimes. With flu circulating around it is never too much to care about sanitation.

6. city grips.

Here is another genius invention that must take a permanent living in a city ( or any!) mom’s bag, pocket or stroller. From Elton John to Urban Crusing, everyone is buzzing about the Choopie creations.

With a mission statement to create innovative, affordable and stylish products that make life easier and brighter for parents, City Grips live up to their fab reputation. Grossed out by the sticky, germ infested grip Camie Gontier, the founder, came up with the idea for a grip cover that was soft, durable, washable and stylish. Unable to find anything suitable on the market, she decided to make her own. Before she knew it, requests were pouring in from other moms and Camie decided to put her 15 years of product development back into action, and rightfully so. Now expended to different designs to accommodate the needs of various stroller designs ( and not only strollers!) , City Grips offers a stylish solution to maintain the ever so important stroller hygiene. And not only the stroller.

Easily washable and a breeze to attach, City Grips is literally just what the doctor ordered to prevent the flu ( and other “lovely” bugs) from brooding on your foamy stroller handle. And if you have a little teething gnarler , attach it to the front bar where the teeth are sure to leave a mark to keep the surface easily clean. After all, the ever gorgeous Crusi deserves only the best of the treatment and accessories.

Going shopping with your little one? Attach the City Grips to the shopping cart where the little hands will land to hold on, and then wrap the grips around the shopping bag handles on the way home to save the palms of your hands from the evil tendency the handles have to dig right to your bones.

Found your dream vintage bicycle or got a new one? Slip the City Grips on to add your personal touch and keep your hands from slipping and sliding during the hot days or in humidity.

The possibilities are endless, really. And to make your decision easier , Choopie is generously offering a 50% discount on an ENTIRE order for Urban Crusing readers with the code LIVINGNOTESfor the first two weeks of March . Go ahead and through the City Hooks in, and grab a SoHo bag while you are at it, because

a) any mom needs more hooks

b) any mom needs more bags

c) you know you’ll be glad you snatched such a deal

Hurry up and look around and then come to tell us what you favorites are! We love the Zig Zag Color version for Spring 2014.  Don’t you think it looks smashing with the Urban Blue?!