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City living has many pluses, without a doubt, but there is one minus that every urban dweller will agree with: space.

Large spaces is always an issue, and a simple thing like a roomy nursery is a luxury more often then not. We love our beautiful flat, and when comparing to the NYC standard tiny places we proudly resided in, San Francisco offers mansions, but with 2 little babies on hand we had to be a little creative with the room to give it what I felt it needed most : free roaming space to play in, push strollers, built forts, and just roll around. I also wanted to create space that is safe as much as possible, and the term "safe" includes here not only soft corners and covered outlets, but more importantly, free from heavily chemicalized toys, furniture, clothing, and safe in San Francisco's way of understanding , where the baby would be protected in case of the earth quake.

We opted for Stokke as a base for furniture for many reasons: it is environmentally friendly, it is free of all things harmful, it is corner-free ( aka bump-free) , it is long lasting and transformable for later use as years go by, and it is just plain modern and beautiful. The natural wood resonated with us, but there are other options, if you are on a lookout for something. Even though over a year old, by little gentleman still fits perfectly in the Sleepi Mini. I cannot stress how much I love this little creation: after the earthquake that hit San Francisco a few months ago I counted my lucky stars again when I woke up that morning, because Sleepi Mini fits through any standard doorway easily , and we always rolled the baby out in the middle of our room ( for nursing convenience) at night, where it would stand safely far away from anything that could fall down.

For toys and interesting finds, Sprout store was my holy grail. I discovered the shop in the early days of moving to San Francisco, and I do not know how I did NOT see one when living in NYC. With the mission of "only everything safe" ( and believe me, they are extremely firm in their stance ) , Sprout provided me with plethora of ideas and cute, yet safe toys. I loved the Moover creations ( that little baby carriage is far too popular even with the 6 year olds) , Haba  for colorful wooden toys, and Sigi for adorable soft hug-ables that took permanent residence in our nursery quarter. We lacked the wardrobe in this particular room, and although could be a problem, it was a pure blessing for us - Ikea is the Alma-mater of all thing clean and modern, and creating our own version of the closet space was just the right fit.


^^ favorite among all, cute in design and FOLDS FLAT for storage. can one ask for more in the city flat living? not much that i can think of. ^^


^^ nothing new in book department, but these "around the world" series, and classics for little ones are just beyond then my favorite. ( "adults only" or "under adult supervision" are the two rules that apply to these books at the moment, although they are quite baby friendly too )


^^ they may not be fully understanding what I am reading just yet, but reading my childhood favorites to the kids are some of my favorite moments ^^


^^ the Beauty in its perfect place. we are due to upgrade to the next size within few short weeks now. i will miss the mini terribly, i know it already ^^


^^ the Stokke Care changing table. nothing traditional about it, and it can't be better. these large drawers are city-living-furniture-god-sent. they fit everything. they fold flat when not in use. and the table transforms to the table that my 10 year old already put a claim on ^^


^^ we discovered that Aden&Anais wrapping blankets are a perfect match to protect the Stokke Care pad. and they are cute too. finding monkeys on the pad is half the fun when changing clothes now. we don't have them, but there are Aden&Anais sheets available for Stokke Sleepi and Sleepi mini too! ^^


^^ this has to be my favorite corner of it all. the little gray-orange thing peeking from under the square nursing pillow is the Ikea stool that lights up! although the rocking chairs are great, and they are very useful for some things, i found that i do not like sleeping in them, but that unevitably happens if i sit in one in the middle of the night. having a little stool solved two problems in one for me: gave a cute place to nurse on that not only doesn't take up much space, but serves as a great and soft nightlight. there is a tray that attaches to Tripp Trapp ( it's inside of the closet) , which is a perfect solution to keep messy projects mess free and contained to one place. saved me lot's of "oh-no!" mommy moments ^^


^^ best art in the world. period. that is me, and i think i never looked better ^^


^^ these walls heard many stories by now. i wouldn't trade these moments for anything - this is the best stress relief after a long work day ^^


^^ this little creating needed a spotlight of its own. looks stylish enough to reside in the living room, this nuna leaf holds up to 130 lbs of weight. the comfort level is such, that we have a schedule ( and regular fights ) as to who gets to sit in it and when ^^


^^ although not his room, this is where i typically find him more often then not at night ^^


^^ every man needs his cave, and every little man needs a happy place to push his stroller in with plenty of nooks to hide behind. it was a longer project then anticipated, but basing the conclusion on the facts that he bee-lines for this room the moment we get home, i think we hit it right on target ^^


Seen here : Stokke Sleepi Mini, Stokke Care changing table, Moover stroller, Moover , Stokke Tripp Trapp, Ikea wardrobe and shelves, toys from Sprout and Fiddlesticks , Petunia Pickle Bottom changing bag, Land of Nod teepee, Nook nursing pillow ( the BEST i have found up to date!), Nuna leaf. If you have a specific question about any of the items mentioned or not mentioned ,please,  don't hesitate to ask!